The NSW Fencing Centre is a permanent venue for fencers to learn, practice and compete. We pride ourselves not only on our state of the art facilities and World Class coaching, but also our welcoming and very friendly community.
Come and visit us - we'd love to see you!

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Our coaches run beginners classes for kids from as young as 7 in all 3 weapons (Foil, Sabre & Epee) in a fun and safe environment.


Coaches run a warm up and agility class, teach basic skills, then guide electric bouting before warming down to prevent any injuries.

These super fun, super safe classes are the perfect introduction for young fencers to get a taste of the sport for the first time.

We offer an introductory package to fence as often as you'd like for one week for $45 including lessons and equipment hire so there are no hidden costs to you as a parent. We're that confident your child will love fencing!

It can be a challenge to find original and fun things for kids to do in the school holidays.  At the NSW Fencing Centre we offer the opportunity for your kids to try out something new and exciting!


Choose from single or multiple days, where we warm the kids up with some fun agility and fitness, teach them some basic fencing skills, then suit them up in safety and get them out on the piste.

Whose child hasn't wanted to have a sword fight with their friends?? Now they can do just that, perfectly safely, at the NSW Fencing Centre.

So you have finally found the sport that your child really enjoys - now what?

Here at the NSW Fencing Centre we offer fencing 6 days a week, with World Class coaching and facilities. Your child can fence anyone here right up to the very best in the country and will find themselves welcomed into our community. As they start to improve and learn, they will take part in competitions here in Sydney, interstate, or even on our tours all around the world!

Fencing opens up a new world of opportunity for children and adults alike - competitively, socially, culturally. There is nothing like it.

We know that not everyone can make it to Alexandria, but there are clubs all over Sydney and all around NSW.

Follow the link below to find a club local to you, or contact us for advice about where and how to fence. We'd be happy to help and we look forward to seeing you at your first competition at the NSWFC soon!