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Every Saturday afternoon (and mornings outside the school season).

Join us twice a week after school

This is the opportunity for kids to try fencing for the first time, no matter their age. So much fun!


No need to commit - just come along and join in with our introductory offer to fence as much as you like for one week for just $45. If they like it, you can sign them up for a term or semester. We will provide all the safety gear they need - all included in the price. Just turn up in sports gear and trainers.

Our coaches will warm up the kids with some games, teach them some basic skills, then hook them up to fence on our electric pistes with their new friends!


Fun and safe, we make sure everyone has a blast. Get your child to come with a friend, come alone, or just come and watch until they are ready to join in. We are super friendly and super relaxed. It's all about the fun!

So your child has realised how much fun this sport is and just....can't...stop! Why not come and join us after school and we'll help them get even better? 

Our coaches will help them develop their new found skills with lessons and on-piste coaching and they will find no end of new people to fence. You never know who might be at the other end of the piste - someone their own age, or the best fencer in the country! Our fencers love the sport, and they will all encourage new fencers to keep it up and get the most from it.

This is where your child truly starts their journey into the sport and becomes 'a fencer'.  One of us.



Every afternoon through the week

Now they're really addicted and know this is what they want to do. They are attacking you in the kitchen and hallways of your home. A spatula is now a weapon and the family dog is cowering under the sofa.

This programme is the next step for young fencers and is designed to take them to the next level. Individual instruction, electric fencing, strategy development, all with the goal of higher level competition in mind. 

Children can fence as often as they want through the week, every afternoon. They will be competing often in NSW, Interstate, Internationally. The big leagues.