Intro to Fencing 3 month offer (one time only)

Join our training sessions 1 day a week on any day. Includes training, electric bouting, fitness, equipment rental. Valid for one term (2 terms per semester, 2 semesters annually). 

NB All fencing plans require an existing annual fencer registration. If you do not have one, please purchase one from the product page ($45). This provides insurance cover for all fencers as well as allowing competition entry for one year.

Training runs every afternoon through the week after school, and every Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm.


Intro to Fencing 3 month offer (one time only)

SKU: 10PackNovice
  • Valid for 10 sessions. Includes all coaching and equipment rental. Wear trainers and sports gear. 

  • We are sorry that we cannot offer partial refunds as these programmes are so heavily discounted