A world of opportunity

So your children have tried fencing, discovered how fun it is and just can't get enough....what now? Time to challenge themselves to get better, to compete, and make friends for life as part of a fantastic, diverse and inclusive community. We have the very best coaches in the country to teach them and help them to reach their potential.

The NSW Fencing Centre is open every afternoon during the week to allow fencers to train, have lessons, and bout with the best fencers in NSW. New fencers will be welcomed by coaches and fencers alike and encouraged to join them out on the piste. No matter their age, they will always find someone to fence, from kids younger than themselves right up to the very best cadets, juniors and adults in the country. They love fencing and they want your children to love it too.

What next? Why not enter a Mini-Series Competition for fencers at U8, U10, U12 and U14 here in Sydney? Or maybe compete in Melbourne or Adelaide with their new friends on the NSW Gladiators team? Once they're good enough, why not give them the experience of a lifetime on a tour to Bangkok or Tokyo with fencers from around Australia? From there the sky is the limit. Cadets fence around the world, and who knows, maybe their goal would be to fence for their country at the World Championships or Olympics?

Fencing can give so much more than many other sports; fun, friendships, and opportunities for social, cultural and sporting development. Come and join in the fun. We'd love to see you all. And we do mean all, because when you fence at the NSW Fencing Centre your family becomes part of our family.