Give this incredible sport a try!

On Saturday afternoons (and mornings outside the School Fencing season) we host an open session for kids of all ages to come and try the sport for the first time, or build on the skills they have already learned.

Our coaches will welcome the kids with some games to warm them up and put a smile on their faces. Then they will start to teach them how to fence, with group and individual coaching designed to set them on a path to competition (if that is what they want). Then it's onto the piste! Gear on, wires plugged in, masks on...En garde...Pret...Allez! We know why kids are here, and we encourage them to fence at the earliest possible stage. We fence electric on all of our pistes with Favero electronic scoring boxes to tell you when you hit...or get hit!

Safety is paramount. Fencing is statistically safer than sports like soccer or badminton, and we make sure that all our fencers are safe, with protective clothing that conforms to National and International standards. It is our job take care of the kids - right down to warming down and stretching at the end of the session to avoid injuries.  

Importantly, don't be nervous. We know walking into somewhere for the first time, not knowing anyone, can make anybody anxious, but Fencing is a remarkably welcoming sport. You can go to any fencing venue in the world and be welcomed with smiles and genuine enthusiasm. Fencers love their sport and we want your child to love it too. If they just want to come and watch, feel free! And we'd be happy to chat if they have any questions.

We understand that you may not want to commit to a new sport straight away. That's why we are making it easy. Try our introductory offer of just $45 to fence as often as you like for one week - on Saturday afternoon and after school each day from 4pm - so that your child can make their mind up about whether they want to keep coming.  The best part is that everything is included. All the safety gear, all the training. Just turn up, join in and start having the time of your life.


3pm to 5pm every Saturday from February to mid December.

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New South Wales Fencing Centre

Building 2/190 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia