Fencing has been offered as an option at schools across Sydney and NSW for many years, and for good reason. Study after study have shown the holistic benefits of the sport. There is a reason that Fencing is often called 'physical chess' given the mental challenges of competition, but the physicality of the sport is often overlooked.


A fencing blade is the fastest moving object in Olympic sport after a bullet, and with the need to hit a constantly moving target area, this is is a game of very fine margins. That makes control of every part of the body absolutely critical and this develops core strength as well as lean muscle. In a study of Olympic athletes, fencers had the greatest leg strength relative to muscle size compared to other sportspeople.

That is not to say that Fencing is not the most fun sport on the planet! Come and watch our fencers any afternoon through the week to discover firsthand the thrill and speed of the sport, as well as the smiles and laughter, but also personally experience the very close community that has developed at the NSW Fencing Centre, which is endemic in the sport across the world.

NSW Fencing has developed coaching programmes that take the burden away from the school. Operating indoors, fencing is flexible enough that we can quickly set up in a sports hall or assembly hall and remove our gear afterwards. Speaking of gear, we can supply rental equipment that conforms to both National and International standards. 

We know that safety is a key consideration for schools and parents alike, and our coaches are used to coaching to large numbers of kids and have a strong appreciation of best practice. Kids are taught about the need for safe handling of weapons, the correct way to wear protective gear and importantly, the need for respect on the piste. 

As your school programme starts to grow, you may want to enter your fencers in our School Age Competitions. Every Saturday through the winter we have up to 200 young fencers from 14 schools join us at the NSW Fencing Centre in Alexandria, competing in all 3 weapons both individually and in teams, with competitions for both boys and girls from U14 right up to Year 12.

If you would like to consider adding Fencing as an option at your school, our Head Coach Antonio Signorello would be delighted to talk to you about designing a programme that works for you and your kids. As well as being Head coach of NSW Fencing, Maestro Signorello is also the Australian National Coach and has led a number of individuals and teams to Olympic, World and European medals as a former coach of the Italian National Team.