Fencing is above all a competitive sport. Fencer against fencer, the thrill of a touche, the highs and lows, the triumphs, the agony of defeat. Your child will want to compete, to fence their peers, their friends, their rivals - to test themselves.

The Mini Series is designed as an introduction to competing, starting at the NSWFC, with regular competitions in all 3 weapons from Under 8 right up to Under 14.  The Koala Cup at the end of the year invites fencers from all around Australia and Asia to join us and gives our youngest fencers the chance to really test themselves on home ground.

Soon enough, your child will be ready to tour - Interstate Mini Series competitions in Melbourne and Adelaide are a great introduction, fencing with their NSW Gladiator team mates both individually and in teams.

If they are really addicted (trust us, it really is an addiction!!), the next step is to taste International competition. Recent tours have taken in competitions in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo at U14 and below. Travelling with fencers from around Australia as part of a team, with coaches providing coaching, guidance and support, tours like this are the pinnacle of U14 fencing challenges and close life long friendships are forged, with fencers from around the country.

These are life changing developmental experiences that will truly never be forgotten.


Talk to any of our elite coaches to find out more about competitive fencing pathways and programmes.

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